Integrity is our foundation and we strive to make it a visible part of everything we do when we…
Communicate: with honesty and respect, clarity and purpose, guided by acceptance and open-mindedness
Achieve: through consistent hard work and motivation, striving to realize high standards, to persevere over adversity by fostering the ability to innovate and adapt to change
Relate: as a local and global citizen, practicing empathy and compassion, growing as an individual by finding common ground and appreciating differences
Engage: by taking initiative, participating with passion and enthusiasm, collaborating to create something bigger than each of us

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Mascot   Survey

As you know, The Nashoba Regional School District has decided to replace its Chieftain moniker with a new mascot and we’d like your input! Starting today (through December 15, 2020) we’ll be accepting nominations, suggestions, creative thoughts, and ideas for what you think the new mascot should be! Please take a few moments to fill out the form by clicking: Mascot Survey, with your thoughts on what the new high school mascot should be, as well as why you think that’s the best name! We value everyone’s opinion during this exciting chapter of Nashoba Regional School District! Please be part of this exciting change!