Integrity is our foundation and we strive to make it a visible part of everything we do when we…
Communicate: with honesty and respect, clarity and purpose, guided by acceptance and open-mindedness
Achieve: through consistent hard work and motivation, striving to realize high standards, to persevere over adversity by fostering the ability to innovate and adapt to change
Relate: as a local and global citizen, practicing empathy and compassion, growing as an individual by finding common ground and appreciating differences
Engage: by taking initiative, participating with passion and enthusiasm, collaborating to create something bigger than each of us

Dear NRHS Community,

I hope you have been able to take time to rest, relax and rejuvenate over the Labor Day Weekend. We had a very successful opening to the school year last week and it was so exciting to see our students back in person. My administrative team will be sending out newsletters on a regular basis to our entire school community to share information, helpful tips and resources, celebrate teaching and learning and communicate important announcements. This is the first excerpt from our official newsletter edition.

Have a wonderful week Nashoba!

Dr. Kathleen Boynton, principal

Arrival and Departure from NRHS

     - Students taking the bus will get dropped off by the main entrance - Dee Bus is working to refine the timing of the bus routes.
     -Parents dropping off should make a loop in the side parknig lot by the auditorium dropping off next to the school.
     -Students taking the bus home will find their busses lined up in the front driveway
     -Administration is outside to mointor the busses, parent pick up and student drivers
     -Parents should pick up in the same way they dropped off in the side parking lot
     -Students walking home, who need to cross 117, should do so at the crossing supervised by our SRO for safety

Important Updates

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