Comprehensive Wellness

Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science courses will provide you, the student, with an opportunity to learn practical and essential life skills that you will need to survive in the world.  

Through theses courses you will surely add to the quality of your life by being knowledgeable in the science and art of eating well. Learn how to plan and cook nutritious and delicious meals in one class, or explore international cuisine in another class.  These courses can help you prepare for life on your own, and may lead to an exciting and rewarding career.

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In Physical Education at Nashoba, students must be prepared, dressed appropriately, and participate in every assigned  class. Students should make up any classes missed to regain any points lost and may do so by participating in a class  similar in level and activity. In the case where a student is medically excused and has a doctor's note, alternate methods of assessment will be used. 

Electives in Health, and Family and Consumer Science are also offered. One of these classes may be taken as a credit for a Junior or Senior Physical Education elective.  

Freshmen will participate in a yearlong alternating day Wellness program. Sophomores will participate in a semester  

Physical Education and a semester of Health Education. This can be done in the same semester or in 2 different semesters during sophomore year. Juniors and Seniors must take and pass one Physical Education elective each year.

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