Transportation Guidelines 

  1. The District will provide transportation to students residing within the Nashoba Regional School District, from the student’s home address bus stop to the student’s designated district school.

  2. The District will provide student transportation from child care locations to school  in the morning, and to child care locations from school in the afternoon, whenever it is within reason to provide such services, and providing the child care location falls within the district and student’s school boundary. 

  3. There will be no changes made to any student’s bus schedule without the prior approval of the school.  Should special circumstances occur which require a change in a student’s schedule, parents/guardians will be responsible for contacting their child’s school in advance to arrange for this accommodation. 

  4. The district will not provide transportation for individual or one-time “play-dates” or private lessons/activities.  The district may provide transportation to an existing bus stop for a regularly scheduled lesson or activity.  All such alternate stop requests should be directed to the student's school, who will work directly with Dee Bus to ensure all reasonable requests are scheduled appropriately. 

  5. The District may provide transportation to and/or from school sponsored athletic events and other activities, at the discretion of the school, and when it is within reason to provide such services.