Integrity is our foundation and we strive to make it a visible part of everything we do when we…
Communicate: with honesty and respect, clarity and purpose, guided by acceptance and open-mindedness
Achieve: through consistent hard work and motivation, striving to realize high standards, to persevere over adversity by fostering the ability to innovate and adapt to change
Relate: as a local and global citizen, practicing empathy and compassion, growing as an individual by finding common ground and appreciating differences
Engage: by taking initiative, participating with passion and enthusiasm, collaborating to create something bigger than each of us

Principal's Corner

Communication is at the heart of Nashoba’s mission statement and learning expectations. The responsible sharing of ideas and perspectives is critical if we are to learn from one another and grow as a community.   

Last week a student-organized meeting in the library brought together staff, students and administration to discuss a variety of topics, among them study halls and vaping. The conversation was very productive and we all agreed that another meeting in March would be a good idea.  

In September feedback concerning student life was collected from several English classes. School council members combed through over 400 student comments in search of common themes. Several students wrote of Nashoba’s welcoming atmosphere, positive relations with teachers and the challenges of balancing school life with other responsibilities. The council gives strong consideration to student input as it creates our school improvement goals.

On January 28th students will receive second semester schedules in homerooms. During this homeroom period all students will be asked to complete the Views of Climate and Learning (VOCAL) Survey. The survey results will be another source of data about students’ daily school experiences available to our staff and school council.    

Lastly, results from the Emerson Youth Risk Survey were shared at a school committee meeting recently and both an executive summary and the survey report (72 PowerPoint slides) are available on the district website. Staff and administration have looked at the report closely here at the high school and discussions are underway as to how to summarize the most important sections and share them with our student body.

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