Student Handbook

We are pleased to provide each student with a copy of the  Nashoba Regional High School
Student Handbook/Agenda. The format incorporates an Student Handbook as well as a Student Agenda section that includes a variety of tools, mathand science formulas, student leadership, character education, andother ideas which will help maximize student efficiency and organization. 

In the handbook/agenda there is space for assignments, appointments,meetings, and class activities. In addition, there are hints forimproving study habits and managing time. The student handbook/agendawill also serve as your hall pass. Each student will also receive a small addendum that lists other matters of importance. In addition, thestudent handbook section contains information about policies andprocedures that are essential to your success as a student in thisschool. If you lose your handbook/agenda you must replace it.

Additional copies may be obtained through the Main Office at a cost of five dollars.  


  •  2018-2019 Student Handbook [pdf]