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Changes in the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Guidelines 

At a recent meeting, the Board of Higher Education adopted some newprovisions that afford students added flexibility regarding the John andAbigail Adams scholarship. Beginning next fall, the Adams Scholarshipmust be used within six years of high school graduation. In addition,students who first enroll in a private college or university are able toactivate their scholarship if they transfer to a Massachusetts statecollege or university. Revised Adams scholarship guidelines are postedon the Department website at


2007/10/19 High School Science and Technology/ Engineering 

  • Parents Memo of 10/19/07 To read this letter from Commissioner of Education David Driscoll, please click here

2007/9/01 Previous Notes

New Director of Student Health and Wellness

Mrs. Leslie McInnis will be joining the staff of Nashoba Regional SchoolDistrict as the Director of Student Health and Wellness. Previously,Mrs. McInnis served in a similar capacity in the Douglas Public Schoolsin Douglas, MA. Mrs. McInnis will be starting on Monday, May 7th. Hertelephone number is 978.779.0539 ext 3039. Her office will be in theEmerson Building located at 50 Mechanic Street, Bolton, MA.

New Director of Special Education

Ms. Tracey Conte has been appointed by the School Committee to be thenext Director of Special Education. She will start her new position onJuly 1, 2007. Ms. Conte currently serves as the Assistant Director ofSpecial Education for Nashoba. Her office will continue to be locatedin the Emerson Building at 50 Mechanic Street.



NEASC presentation to School Committee


Nashoba Regional High School Chosen as a COMPASS SCHOOL

Nashoba Regional High School was chosen as a Compass School for 2007 -2008. The Compass Schools program was established in 2001 as a way forthe state to recognize and celebrate individual school improvement, andto encourage the sharing of good ideas and effective practices amongeducators statewide. [Read More]

Central Office Telephone System Changes  

There is no need to dial # before extension
(Please click link for details)  

Beginning January 2, 2007 all doors at every school in the Nashoba Regional School District will be locked.

[Please read full press release]


2006-9-12 - Microsoft Press Release - [Read more]

2006-7-18 - Extended Day, Homework Focused Program- The Nashoba Regional School District is exploring meeting the needsof our middle school students and families through extended dayopportunities focusing on homework. [Read more]

2006 -2007 Tuition rates for the Integrated Preschool, All Day Kindergarten, and Extended Day programs [Read more].  


Retirement Gala to honor all NRSD 2005-2006 retirees- The Retirement Gala, sponsored by the Parent/Teacher/StudentAssociation at Nashoba Regional High School, will be held Wednesday,June 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria at Nashoba RegionalHigh School, 12 Green Road in Bolton. Members of the community are invited to attend. 


Extended Day Survey for Grades 6-8 - Please take a moment to complete this survey so that we may assess the need for after school care for students in grades 6-8.

Mr. Wood announces the 2006 -2007 tuition rates for the IntegratedPreschool, All Day Kindergarten, and Extended Day programs as approvedby the School Committee. [Read more].   


School Committee reviewing tuition charges for All Day Kindergarten, Extended Day, and Pre School [Read more].

One All Day Kindergarten class has been added in the town of Bolton andalso in Stow.  Please read the Superintendent's message regarding theseadditional classes. [Read more]

2006 -3-7

What Can I Say? What Did You Say? The Language of Social Communicationis a workshop being offered to all parents on March 13th.  Itis presented by Speech/Language Pathologist, Elsa Abele. [Full Text]

2006 -2-22

Nominations are open for the Preserve America History Teacher of the Year [Full Text]

Nominations are open for 2006 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching [Full Text]

The 2006-2007 NRSD School Year Calendar. [2006-2007 NRSD Calendar] 

Microsoft selects Nashoba Regional School District as Showcase School of the Month for March 2006. [Read more]


Technology in Communication [Full Text]


Nashoba Regional School District Receives Grant From Intel Corporation [Full Text]


Mr. George P. King is selected as the new Assistant Superintendent for Finance for the Nashoba Regional School District [Full Text ]


Mr. Wood, Superintendent of Schools, announces the release of MCAS data for the Nashoba Regional School District [Full Text]


Farewell get-together for John Antonucci, Thursday, Ausgust 18th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm in the Emerson School Gymnasium [Full Text]


School Lunches – Nashoba Regional School District announces a price increase for school lunch for the 2005-2006 school year. [Full Text]


Start of School - The 2005/2006 first day of school for Nashoba RegionalSchool District will be Tuesday, September 6, 2005. School Bus routeswill be posted in each town’s local newspapers in the coming weeks. [Full Text]


John Antonucci, Assistant Superintendent, Departing Nashoba RegionalSchool District to become superindentent of schools in Westwood [Full Text]


Greg Irvine appointed Pompositticut and Center Elementary School Principal [Full Text]


Standard & Poor's evaluation services announcement [Full Text]


2006 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Suzanne Wintle, Florence Sawyer School, Nashoba Regional School District [Full Text]


The Superintendent's Report presented at the June 16, 2005 School Committee Meeting [Full Text]


The Superintendent's Report presented at the June 2, 2005 School Committee. [Full Text]


Administrative changes leading social change. [Full Text]


The Superintendent's Report presented at the May 19, 2005 School Committee meeting. [Full Text]


The Superintendent's Report for May 5, 2005. [Full Text]


FY 06 BUDGET BROCHURE - The FY 06 Budget Brochure has been mailed toeach home in the Nashoba Regional School District to enable citizens toreview prior to town meetings. You may download a copy now. [Full Text]


Superintendent's Report of April 28, 2005 [Full Text]


District Seeks Director of Special Education [Full Text]


Superintendent's Report of March 24, 2005. [Full Text]


Superintendent's Report of February 10, 2005. [Full Text]


Superintendent's Report of January 27, 2005 [Full Text]


Superintendent's Report of January 13, 2005 [Full Text