Student Handbook

We are pleased to provide each student with a copy of the  Nashoba Regional High School
Student Handbook/Agenda. The format incorporates an Student Handbook aswell as a Student Agenda section that includes a variety of tools, mathand science formulas, student leadership, character education, andother ideas which will help maximize student efficiency andorganization. 

In the handbook/agenda there is space for assignments, appointments,meetings, and class activities. In addition, there are hints forimproving study habits and managing time. The student handbook/agendawill also serve as your hall pass. Each student will also receive asmall addendum that lists other matters of importance. In addition, thestudent handbook section contains information about policies andprocedures that are essential to your success as a student in thisschool. If you lose your handbook/agenda you must replace it.

Additional copies may be obtained through the Main Office at a cost of five dollars.  


  •  2017-2018 Student Handbook [pdf