Athletic Hall of Fame

2018 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 18, 2018, at 11:00AM at The International in Bolton.

Hall of Fame Invitation

Tickets for the Hall of Fame are $30/each. Tickets can be purchased online - click here

2018 Hall of Fame Class: Click here for Press Release

Doris Hackler Kosiewski – 1965 – Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

Jane Schmelzer Reynolds – 1965 – Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

David McNally – 1971 – Football, Basketball, Track & Field

Sue Fallon – 1978 – Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field

Doug Cooley – 1986 – Football and Baseball

Bob Williams – 1986 – Football and Basketball

John Williams – 1988 – Football and Track & Field

Mark Gaynor – 1991 – Soccer and Basketball

1969-1970-1971 Undefeated Football Teams

1990 Boys’ Soccer Team

1992 Girls’ Cross Country Team

Nomination Form (Individual Student-Athlete) - Nashoba Regional High School is accepting nominations for the Hall of Fame class for student-athletes, coaches, or contributors.

Team Nomination Form - Nashoba Regional High School is accepting team nominations for the Hall of Fame.

Nashoba Athletics Hall of Fame Classes

Inducted 2017
Larry Porter, Class of 1977
Kevin Siok, Class of 1977
Doug D'Olimpio, Class of 1984
Chris Murphy, Class of 1992
Travis Veracka, Class of 1996
Gregg Newton, Class of 1996
Jon Androski, Class of 1997
Kate Polizzotto, Class of 2000
Kylie Ricker, Class of 2007
Donald Freda, Coach
1974 & 1975 Girls' Track Teams
1976-1977 Boys' Basketball Team

Inducted 2016

Charles Amelotte, Class of 1962

Steve Amelotte, Class of 1964

Eric Miller, Class of 1981

Kim Hatstat, Class of 1988

Fran Tambolleo, Class of 1988

Jarrod Gomes, Class of 2000

Kerry O'Loughlin, Class of 2004

Dennis Bean, Coach

Herman Amelotte, Contributor

1976 Field Hockey Team

Inducted 2014

1964 Football Team

Dan Boylen, Class of 1975

Pam (Clary) Collins, Class of 1977

Greg McClintock, Class of 1994

Kristen Collins, Class of 1999

Sam Pawlak, Administrator

Inducted 2012

Michael Favreau, Class of 1979

John E. Beary Jr., Class of 1979

Dana (Goldfarb) Parrot, Class of 1987

Amy (Kosiewski) Richard, Class of 1990

Ken Tucker, Coach


Inducted 2010

Phillip "Phil" Laursen, Class of 1965

Mark Finnerty, Class of 1972

Jean Osachuk, Class of 1976

Denise Hawkins Aldrich, Class of 1977

Caitlin (O'Loughlin) Burfoot, Class of 1998

Ley Ricker, Coach/Teacher


Inducted 2009

Shirley Stott-Ingalls, Coach

Everett D. Ingalls, Athletic Director/Coach

Bob Cali, Coach/Teacher

Ray "Lefty" LaChance , Class of 1962

Peter Richards, Athletic Director/Coach/Class of 1966

Donnie Drugge, Class of 1973

Kristi (Palmaccio) Therrien, Class of 1992

Hal Gill, Class of 1993

Rebecca Donaghue, Class of 1994