Principal's Message

Returning graduates sought out Joel Bates, our Master of Ceremonies and their principal at The Florence Sawyer Elementary school. What was even more impressive was that Joel knew their names! The crowd was also intrigued by the work down by the Lancaster firefighters, who managed the bonfire.The fact that they volunteered to be there with us at the Pep Rally was not lost on those in attendance.

The hall of fame ceremony also provided several memorable moments. Greg Newton (Class of 1996) spoke about his experiences with our football program. He was a ball boy at his first Nashoba SuperBowl and the starting quarterback on the 1995 Super Bowl team. Recently, he was a Chieftain assistant coach at another Super Bowl. Greg spoke about the cycles of his own life with a deep appreciation of the opportunities provided for him in our school district.

Larry Porter (Class of 1977), a member of the boy’s 1977 basketball squad which won both a league and district title, spoke fondly of that team. Not only wasn’t he a starter, he wasn’t even part of the rotation. He was a terrific athlete who excelled on the track, but he was only an average basketball player. He understood that his job was to make the starters better by competing intensely in practice. He took great pride in that team even though he understood that his worth as a player was only to be found in the accomplishments of others. Larry’s ability to look beyond himself to see his value to the team is a lesson in what it means to belong to a community.

Among the most important things a school can give students is a community to which they can feel a sense of belonging and opportunities to explore both interests and talents. These two events provided a window into some of the ways that Nashoba Regional High School goes about doing this.