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New 9/2011 all students to sign new AUP  NRSD_AUP090910 / Student/Parent Signature required signature sheet  
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ABC News: Schools, Parents Cracking Down on Web Socializing  - Article [pdf]
Article by Parry Aftab, the executive director of "Theyshouldn't post anything that their parents, principal or a predatorshouldn't see. And they should password protect everything they can."She also says students' online comments can hurt them when they apply tocollege -- because many admissions officers can access the Web site,read their posts, and make judgments about their character. Severalemployers admit to reviewing applicants' online profiles before makinghiring decisions.  Colleges are now accessing student profiles, bottomline, think before you post!

Commonsense Media and Videos
Links and Video for High School 

 Thats not Cool 

Worcester County DA's Office
- Community and School Outreach - 
Middlesex County -
In the Spotlight - Cell Phone Safety   - What is "sexting" and why is it an issue?  read more ....

NetSmartz Program
NetSmartz is an interactive, educational safety resource fromthe National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and theBoys & Girls Clubs of America. This web-based program usesage-appropriate 3-D activities to teach children and teens how to besafer when using the Internet. NetSmartz is available to the public at . In the near future, the Department and other state agencies will provide a direct link to these websites from their homepages

“The technology that has so dramatically changed the world outside ourschools is now changing the learning and teaching environment withinthem.” -National Education Technology Plan for the U.S. Department ofEducation

i-SAFE America Inc. is the worldwide leader in the Internet safety education - teens

 Wired Kids

 Wired Safety Tips & Tools
Podcast 6 Date: May 24, 2006
Podcast 6: Nashoba Internet Safety

In this podcast, host Mary Marotta interviews Ellen Miller from the Worcester County District Attorney Office.  Ellen is a memberof the Community and School project which provides outreach ineducation.  Ellen has provided many internet safety presentations acrossWorcester County this year. The discussion centers on the importance ofeducating students around the importance of Internet Safety.  MoreInternet Safety sessions will be offered next fall!
The direct link to the program may be found here 

Information for Students about safety on the Internet

Are concerned about Internet Safety?  Got a few minutes?  Listen to the podcast NRHS Internet Safety Podcast  done in conjunction with the Worcester County District Attorney Office.  

  Internet Solutions for Kids Certain Online Behaviors Put Teens at RiskMy Space Net Lingo Teens and Social Networks Chat Rooms Social Networking Cyberbullying

Protecting Teen Reputations on Web 2.0

 PBS Exploring Five Media Trends with Your Teen

Incoming Freshmen - Technology Survey 9/07 *To be used with account activation

A message from the Principal regarding Internet Safety:  - 2006

Dear students and parents:

Recent local and national stories have been directed to concerns aboutonline chat rooms such as My While the intention for suchsites was to allow people 18 and over to chat online and share generalinterests, what it has become in many circumstances is a place thatsexual predators use as a way to target individual people. In myinvestigation of our own high school students, I have found that anumber of our students have registered and do post information to suchsites. I am concerned for a couple of reasons. The information that isoften posted on these sites has inappropriate pictures, personalinformation such as where they live and where they attend school and italso has links to other students. I am concerned about the safety of ourstudents. I have spoken to several students about my concern and I willbe holding small group assemblies to inform students of the dangers ofonline chat rooms and sites. Many students do not believe that theirposting is any cause for concern. If you have not already done so pleasetalk to your son or daughters about My and other chat lines. Apartnership between parents and schools is an effective way to keep ourkids safe. I have attached a link to recent stories concerning thistopic.  ABC News: Schools, Parents Cracking Down on Web Socializing January 2006 - on the web or  Article ABC News - Article [pdf]